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Get Ready for Some Mystical Improv & 60s-flavored Rock That Flirts With
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Photo by Nashworks
Photo by Nashworks
Photo by Nashworks
Photo by Nashworks

Tim Mungenast Avant-garde Musician. Improviser. Rocker.

I’m Tim Mungenast, a surrealist guitar shaman with an almost messianic sense of purpose. My current musical adventures include collaborations with Eric Dahlman, Astro Al, Ken Lovelett, Pete Levin, and Gus Mancini.

My psych/improv band Timworld (formerly Tim Mungenast and His Preexisting Conditions, and before that Tim Mungenast and the Righteous Compression) lasted from 1992 to 2014 and may start up again someday. Today I use the word TimWorld as shorthand for all my musical projects.

My Goals

As a band, and especially in our glory days as a power trio (2002 to 2014), we performed mystic transport by gliding between our psych originals to "automatic real-time composition" to some well-chosen covers and back again.

Our mission was to take you on a memorable trip with no chemical enhancements necessary.

Today I strive to achieve that same goal in all my musical projects.

Photo by John DeGregorio, who also created all Goat-Art used in this website.
Art by Pauline Lim
Art by Pauline Lim

My collaborators, past and current:

I've been blessed to have played with some real musical monsters.

Ken Field  (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Revolutionary Snake Ensemble);

Eric Dahlman  (Rakalam Bob Moses, JMDE Quartet, Jimmy Zhao, Hal Russell NRG Ensemble, Travis Chandler Philharmonic, Auddity);

Dave Bryant (Ornette Coleman)

Ken Lovelett  (Livingston Taylor, John Wesley Harding, Kenneth Little Hawk, D.R. Hooker) ;

Gus Mancini  (Ken Little Hawk) ;

Pete Levin  (Gil Evans Orchestra, Tony Levin, Jimmy Giuffre);

Astro Al  --  AKA Count Robot and DNA Girl;

Michael Knoblach  (Cul de Sac, JMDE Quartet, Jimmy Zhao);

Michael Bloom  (Cul de Sac);

Jon Proudman  (Cul de Sac);

Mac Randall  (Bedsit Poets, Fuller);

Derek Blackwell;

Jonno Deily  (Lemonheads, PODS)

John DeGregorio  (Opium Den, Amber Spyglass)

Kris Thompson  (Abunai!, Prefab Messiahs, Nisi Period, The Lothars)

Ajda Snyder  (Turkish Queen)

Karen Langlie  (Wisteriax);

Kelly Spyglass  (Amber Spyglass);

Joe Turner  (Abunai!, Seven Levels)

Chris Mascara;

Joe Brown  (plasticrazorprotector);

Lauri des Marais;

Rob Flewell;

Daria Johnson;

Andrew Spano;

Pauline Lim

My Events


Wonder Valley Experimental Festival

April 1st 2022  

Learn more at wondervalleyexperimental.com


2022 - 2023 tours 

Check back for upcoming dates

The Thoughts of Chairman Tim

  • Bortz brand chocolate rabbits are supernatural beings of great power. They are the source of all mischief and subdural disease, yet they are also kind and must therefore be worshiped.
  • Whoosh! Corrosive Bean Dip Alert!! Run for your lives!!!!!!
  • The shrieks and moans of guitar feedback can be used to contact the Great Beyond.
  • Crash Watermelon. Warm Elephant Vanilla. Vrooom vrooom!!!!
  • What are we, and if we, do we?